Today Data around us is present in various forms and formats and comes to us through heterogeneous sources. Searching this data quickly and accurately to get to the required information may turn out to be a big challenge, especially if the data is unorganised or is distributed.

In the context of an organisation where data is spread across various storage locations and distributed sources, an Enterprise Search application brings great value. Decos enterprise search application provides relevant search results from the desired sources through a simple and intuitive UI.

Our enterprise search solution is capable of crawling and indexing multiple enterprise type sources (such as File Servers and SharePoint) with plugins and assimilate information for searchability and quick access. Built upon leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and search libraries, Decos solution crawls and indexes information from different data sources, types, and formats. It allows users to refine their search using advanced filters and taxonomy. It has the ability to use an organisation’s security settings permissions to access information and provide analytics on search.


Salient Features:

   – Content (Taxonomy) & Authentication based Search

   – Ability to Customize Document Classifications

   – Advanced Search Options (with/without keywords)

   – Filter Options (Date Modified Range, Author etc.)

   – Optimizing search results based on user search behaviour

   – Fail-safe Crawling and Indexing

   – On-Premise solution (keeping information safe within the organisation)

   – Multi-Geo location indexing available (via NTLS / WAN)

   – Exclusions of Folder/Directory/Website (data not be searched)

   – Document Tagging (Useful / Not Useful)

   – File Download (based on authorization)

   – Analytics

   – Responsive User Interface (Mobile friendly)


Supported File Types

   – MS Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

   – PDF and Text files

   – Image files (jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff, png)

   – Archive files (zip, rar)

   – AutoCAD files (dwg)


Supported Source Types

   – File Storage

   – Share Point

   – In Future (databases, emails, custom applications)

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