Whether you work for the government or at a company: Decos is the solution for working digitally so that you can cooperate on a more efficient level with your colleagues. JOIN is the leader in the business of case systems and document management. Moreover, JOIN offers a client contact system and many solutions for e-services.

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IFS Plus Suite

Mid and large size organization have mature processes and some of them are not possible to be digitized in ERP. IFS+ is a comprehensive suite of products and services being offered around the world class ERP – IFS. The result is – “Customer Delight”.

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Decos has created a mobility framework called as mIFS. It allows muliple processes of IFS to be available on mobile in no time. Gone are the days now when you needed to create multiple apps for diiferent processes in your ERP, now one app all encompassing.

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Grievance Redressal Management Solutions (GRMS)

Decos’ GRMS Solution ‘Fixi’ offers the opportunity to citizens to report damages in public space using an app. Citizens can report issues from anywhere in the world and get notifications from the authorities with status updates, that communicate the process of repairs being done. With this solution municipalities can get functional within 24 hours. Besides, it can be easily integrated with existing applications & smart phone apps.

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Minute offers a new way of meeting: digital and online. In the app or web application you can compose your own agenda, you can add documents, make notes and appointments. Thus, Minute makes meetings more efficient, without hierarchy but with shared responsibility instead.

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Bus Terminus Management Solution (BTMS)

Improve efficiency of City Bus Terminus by Technology interventions with our BTMS solutions. It brings transparency by automated/on-the-spot Ticket making system and facilitate citizens by providing IT enabled services and online payment facility. The BTMS solutions provides Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, parking management system and Public Information System which provides real time relevant information to the passengers waiting at Bus Terminus.

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In an organization, searching unorganized and distributed data quickly and accurately to get to the required information may turn out to be a big challenge. Decos enterprise search solution is capable of crawling and indexing multiple enterprise type sources (such as File Servers and SharePoint) and assimilate information for searchability and quick access.

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