Fully Automated tendering processes, e-Tendering a digital solution by Decos.

         E-Tendering is a solution created by Decos around IFS, to automate the tendering process which eliminates manual activities and make them completely automated. JOIN e-Tendering solution starts from pre-tendering approval and goes up to templatization of tender document, tender document creation, approval of the tender document, notify and publish the tender document to relevant suppliers automatically through email. 

It doesn’t stop there. JOIN e-Tendering solution also allows suppliers to respond directly over the internet through supplier specific page. Most importantly, it creates the comparative analysis of all the suppliers’ response automatically

Features of E-tendering :

JOIN e-Tendering solution is highly secure and configurable as per customer need. For example, we can completely change the process flow as per customer need that even without any new development effort. 

JOIN is interfaced very well with IFS, in the end, it pushes all the required data back to IFS. Completely paperless and no manual effort.

Seamless Collaboration: Strong interface with IFS ensures seamless communication and data transfer between the two systems.

  • Tender Creation and Approval: JOIN – Templatization feature helps to reduce redundant efforts and improve users’ productivity.
  • Notify Supplier: Relevant Supplier(s) will be notified through their registered e-mail addresses about the new Tender.
  • Supplier Response: JOIN helps Suppliers to submit their responses electronically. Supplier Responses are stored in JOIN initially and kept confidential.
  • Comparative Analysis: JOIN flexible excel reporting feature helps the user to create a Comparative Analysis sheet with just one click

Why Decos?
Decos helps you to automate your tendering process by eliminating all the manual activities providing a secure and configurable solution as per customer needs at your fingertips.



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