Bid Log Management

Traditional management of Bids in log books, spreadsheets and emails brings a lot of management and tracking challenges. IFS Plus Big Log Management gives an edge to the business development, estimation and project teams to manage the complete cycle of the bids.

With growing economies around the globe, organizations keep getting lot of business opportunities depending upon the form of business, industry segment or specific requirements. For large organizations spread across geography with various branches all such opportunities are received at the respective regional level.

Opportunities can be in the form of tenders, enquires, or direct orders. With enterprises having an ERP system implemented all won opportunities are eventually converted into a Sales Contract and the one’s lost becomes part of log books. Between an opportunity received and its outcome as Won or Loss there are a lot of unstructured processes that an organization has to follow. High volume of document exchange and information processing takes place between departments, teams and partners.

Features of the IFS Plus Bid Log Management

  • Efficient Logging of Bids with a configurable form for required data logging.
  • Role and Access based access to bids.
  • Workflow Support
  • Document Revision/Version Management
  • Reporting based on custom parameters
  • Notifications based on tender timelines
  • Upon Award, Automatic Sales Contract creation in IFS
  • Management Overview to evaluate lost, stalled or ignored opportunities to make informed business decisions.

Why Decos?

With many successful implementation, our Bid Log Management solution enable you to connect your geography wide bids in a centralized location. Configurable solution gives you flexibility to modify parameters for future requirements.

Case Study:

Connect with us to know one of the success stories in South East Asia.

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