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Improved productivity in quick time, Supplier Portal by Decos.



A Self-Managed Supplier Portal is an out of the box solution configured by Decos using its flagship product JOIN. A Self-Managed Supplier Portal can make a huge impact on Organizations in terms of improving the productivity of staff members. It can help reducing or to eliminate redundant efforts like registering new Supplier data in the system. It eliminates questions from Supplier like “Have you received my Invoice?”, “Is my payment processed?”, etc.

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Features of Supplier Portal:

  • My Information: Supplier can view its registered information and update the same subject to approval.
  • Grievances: Supplier can register and view the Grievances status.
  • Tenders: Tender Management module helps Company and Supplier both to manage the entire Tendering process through the system.
  • Purchase Orders: Purchase Order module will help Supplier to view and track Purchase Orders issued to the Supplier.

Why Decos?
Isn’t it amazing that the Supplier can go to the company’s website and do self-registration? Isn’t it amazing that Supplier can log in and upload their invoices on the portal? Isn’t it amazing that Supplier can view the status of their invoice payment on the portal?  Isn’t it amazing that Supplier can update material delivery information like expected delivery date and same reflects in ERP automatically? Isn’t it amazing that Supplier can log Grievance directly on the portal and see the status of the same there? 

JOIN- Supplier Portal does exactly the thing which will make all this happen for you in seconds.

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