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Today’s businesses and enterprises requires changes over time to respond to market and need to operate in an agile manner. While working along with 500+ customers we found that organization processes can be categorized into Structured and Unstructured(Tailored) processes.

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An ERP automates all the structured processes which follow the best business practices. Unstructured processes demand a lot of tailored process automation to meet the digitization of last mile processes. To meet the organizational digitization goals, an integrated solution of an ERP and ECM should be used. ERP Flex solution provides a seamless integration between IFS ERP and JOIN Enterprise Content Management system.

With our experience working along with IFS customers we have identified many such last mile processes.


Fully Automated tendering processes, e-Tendering a digital solution by Decos.

E-Tendering is a solution created by Decos around ERP, to automate the tendering process which eliminates manual activities and make them completely automated. JOIN e-Tendering solution starts from pre-tendering approval and goes up to templatization of tender document, tender document creation, approval of the tender document, notify and publish a tender document to relevant suppliers automatically through email. It doesn’t stop there. JOIN e-Tendering solution also allows suppliers to respond directly over the internet through supplier specific page. Most importantly, it creates a comparative analysis of all the suppliers’ response automatically

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Bid Log Management

Traditional management of Bids in log books, spreadsheets and emails brings a lot of management and tracking challenges. ERP Flex Bid Log Management gives an edge to the business development, estimation and project teams to manage the complete cycle of the bids.

With growing economies around the globe, organizations keep getting lot of business opportunities depending upon the form of business, industry segment or specific requirements. 

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Work Accomplishment

Project based organizations using an ERP application should do work accomplishment reporting in the Sales Contract, to maintain and control the project costs and tracking. Work accomplishment is a process that requires keen monitoring to control cost overshoots and processing of supplier invoices.

Traditional management of Bids in log books, spreadsheets and emails brings a lot of management and tracking challenges
Material Take-off (MTO)
Post PO Lifecycle 

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