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Mid and large size orgs. have mature processes and some of them are not possible to be digitized in ERP. ERP Flex is a comprehensive suite of products and services being offered around the world class ERPs. The result is – “Customer Delight”. Various offerings under ERP+ include     Decos JOIN Suite For over two decades many customers have turned their digital dreams into realities by using Decos’ JOIN suite as their digitization platform. The ready-to-go applications are also instantly available on mobility, making JOIN an ideal platform for process automation and paperless operations. Your ERP and JOIN are seamlessly integrated, helping our customers to become fully digital and respond to changing business needs with a high degree of agility.  Some of the integrated solutions created in JOIN:

  • Last Mile Processes: Bid Log Management, eTendering(eRFP), MTO, Workflow Management, Level of Authorization, Work Accomplishment Reporting, Post PO Lifecycle, eRecruitment, eOffice, Legal & Case Management…
  • Master Data Management: Supplier, Customer, Partners…
  • Employee Self Service: Leave & Attendance, Reimbursement, Loan Request, Travel Request…
  • B2B Collaborations: Supplier and Customer Portal

Besides, mJOIN delivers ready-to-go mobility solutions, which make all processes available on mobile devices instantly, the moment they are available on JOIN. Mobile App Development

  • Decos apps being used by customers in over 120 countries
  • Quite a few customized apps have been developed on ERPs. Speedy development of apps on multiple platform can be done on ERPs and can be made specifically to suit customer requirements.

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • IoT is fast becoming a core strategy for organizations to have competitive edge in the market
  • Decos has more than 12 years’ experience in hardware-software interfaces with many proprietary IoT devices + Experience in Robotics
  • Specialist designers at Decos ensure that ERP customers get personalized IoT experience

Custom Development Around ERPs

  • For 15 years Decos has been providing Multi-platform custom development experience for European clients
  • We have Fully mature and evolved Agile and Lean methodologies and these can be effectively used providing solutions around ERPs.
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IFS offers agile, industry-proven software for demanding industries. Our enterprise suite, IFS Applications, can be configured for enterprise resource planning (ERP),
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