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PUNE, India


Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation (GMC), which is a part of ‘100 Smart Cities Mission’ launched by Government of India, has started implementing JOIN for their e-governance process automation. The partial implementation has initiated this month and the full roll-out would happen in phases in due course. The support for the local language of Gujarat is part of this implementation which is crucial for the success of the e-governance initiative.

GMS came to existence in 2010 and hence it is amongst the relatively young municipal corporation. It has now 24 different departments functioning together to deliver public services to its citizens. For effective and efficient execution, their e-governance solution needed to be user-friendly, scalable and flexible to accommodate future needs and has support for effective workflow management required for customizing it for local needs.

JOIN is a flagship product of Decos who is a leader in providing digital governance solutions for 30 years. JOIN is successfully implemented at more than 500 government agencies delivering excellent and adaptive e-governance solutions for decades. It is very simple to use, flexible to accommodate any custom workflow and highly configurable which made it a perfect fit for GMC’s requirement.

“Our focus is to equip GMC with JOIN to go digital for all their operations and make GMC completely paperless”, said Lal Choudhary, Delivery in-charge, Government at Decos. JOIN e-governance solution will help reduce manual processes and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness for GMC. The fully configurable and agile JOIN will benefit GMC in terms of fully automated processes, smooth operations with less manual errors resulting in high productivity and streamlined work cycle.

Decos is continuously working towards bridging the gaps between the features offered by standard e-governance and ERP solutions and customer requirements by building flexible and configurable workflow and content solution. It has recently expanded with its second office in Delhi and recently has forged partnerships in the US, India and SEA region to offer the digital transformation and smart governance solutions.


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Lal Choudhary

Delivery in Charge, Government, Decos


About Decos

Decos Technology Group, founded in 1987 by Paul Veger, CEO, is a multinational company headquartered in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. With offices in Europe, North America and Asia, Decos Technology Group is a company driven to deliver high-technology products, services, and solutions to its customers.

The company is a leading provider of sustainable Digital Governance solutions working with more than 70% Government ecosystem customers. It has experience in developing complex applications for Government and Enterprise customers. Decos has vast expertise in the development & maintenance of business-critical systems. Company has delivered end-to-end software solutions for its customers across IT and non-IT sectors, such as healthcare, retail, finance, insurance, and ISVs.


PUNE, India

Decos, a leading digital transformation suite provider for enterprises and e-Governance, is proud to announce its partnership with WebQuarters® which is a leading provider of global onsite and offshore services for the IFS®, Infor M3 and Microsoft Dynamics ERP applications. This partnership is aimed at bringing complete post-modern ERP solutions to enterprises. […]

PUNE, India 

Decos and WebQuarters are coming together to organize Collaboration Night for the IFS customers and leaders in Sri Lanka on 5th April 2019. During this event, the customers would get to see the demo of the innovative solutions developed by Decos that would extend the capability of IFS to a newer height.

The research papers by Dehaghani, & Hajrahimi, and Lagerström have highlighted that the cost of business process automation is inversely proportional to the knowledge of the subject matter experts (SMEs). Decos and WebQuarters would work closely to improve the knowledge of SMEs. As a first step, the experts from both the IFS Partner Network organizations would spend four days together to exchange best practices and understand the intricacies of Decos’ products and innovative solutions. […]

Executive Summary

In the current fast paced world, getting to the right information quickly is becoming ever more critical to decision making, and with the exponential growth in data collected and stored, this has become more and more challenging.

Data around us is present in various forms and formats and comes to us through heterogeneous sources. Searching this data quickly and accurately to get to the required information may turn out to be a big challenge, especially if the data is unorganised or is distributed. […]

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