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Executive Summary

In the current fast paced world, getting to the right information quickly is becoming ever more critical to decision making, and with the exponential growth in data collected and stored, this has become more and more challenging.

Data around us is present in various forms and formats and comes to us through heterogeneous sources. Searching this data quickly and accurately to get to the required information may turn out to be a big challenge, especially if the data is unorganised or is distributed. […]

Minute offers a new way of meeting: digital and online. In the app or web application you can compose your own agenda, you can add documents, make notes and appointments. Thus, Minute makes meetings more efficient, without hierarchy but with shared responsibility instead.

Cartracker gives you a direct insight in the cars of your company. The GPS Tracker helps you to reduce the emission and gives you information about the travel time with the result that you can increase the efficiency of your people. Cartracker also provides mileage and live track & trace […]

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